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Security Guarding Service

Only the Best Security for Your Business

We know that you need Security Guards for very important reasons. You must be able to count on your security personnel and be confident in their ability to perform their duties. If you can’t, then they are useless to you and your business. We have professional, experienced Security Guards available 24/7 to assist you with your requirements.

THE SECURITY YOU NEED. We are known as one of the top private security guard companies in the world. We are bonded and insured and we guarantee to be the only security guard services company you need.

BACKED BY QUALITY PERSONNEL . Our private security firm includes former military and law enforcement personnel and with over 700 offices and affiliates nationwide, we are able to provide security guard services to all of the major areas in kerala

BENEFITS OF HIRING US. We invest in our employees, build long-term relationships with our valued clients, offer efficient and effective solutions, mitigate risks and minimize asset and operational exposure.

You need to be able to rely on your security company to provide trustworthy, dependable and professional Security Guards. We understand that our Security Guards are often the first person your visitors see when entering your premises. Image, professionalism and customer service are essential, that is why we are committed to only employ the best Security Guards. Our Security Guards pride themselves on always upholding a professional and courteous approach whilst first and foremost protecting the interests of the client.

All our Security Guards are required to undergo stringent screening and training requirements. When Security Guards are assigned to a site, our quality standards then ensure that they receive additional security training specific to the client/site they are protecting. This includes emergency procedures, post and site instructions, fire safety and more depending on the requirements of the assignment. With regular, ongoing training through our training team, our Security Guards excel in all aspects of security operations.

INSIGHT provides Security services to many different sites like Hotels, IT companies, IT parks, Educational Institutions, Banks, Shopping Malls, Production Industries, Government Organizations, Construction Sites and Residential Buildings.

INSIGHT also provides Escort services to many IT companies. Security Guards will escort their company staffs especially ladies in their cabs.


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